Jun 25, 2010

A Little Reflection

There are times when I can't help but get envious of people who doesn't have much responsibilities in life. Their paychecks are all to themselves. They buy all that they want or save up for grander wishes. But at the end of the day, I realize that there's no reason to be envious because in the first place, my Tita supported my education so that afterwards I can give back. And there's nothing more rewarding than seeing your family's life (even just a bit) better :)

I don't belong to an upper class clan. Most of the time, our income is just sufficient for our daily needs. But whenever I ask why I am in this situation, I just remind myself that there are people whose situations are worse than mine, and I have not the littlest right to complain or feel sorry. I am still lucky that I eat more than thrice a day. I am still lucky that eventhough I shiver in my workstation, I have a Makati office and a job that pays me reasonably. I am still lucky that eventhough I have to help send my 5 sisters to school, still, I have a family, and one day when all of them have graduated from college, it'll be my turn to savor life's goodness.

Six Girls.
* these were taken more than a year ago so they look a little
different now but yeah, equally beautiful :) *

I am thankful that moments like this come. I get to realize that I may not have everything but I have a few things that make this journey soooooo worth taking.

Jun 23, 2010

A Test of my Tagalog Tongue

I spent a lot of today's office hours on a link that a Facebook friend shared:

It was an application that put my Filipino vocab to the test. It was challenging, and most of the time I looked up the ceiling looking for answers just like the good old college days. I was able to answer 50 out of the 60 items correctly and without external help. Round of applause please. ^_^

Here are the terms that I failed to translate, along with some of the correct answers courtesy of Gabby Dictionary (feel free to comment if you know the Filipino equivalent of appointment :-))

          accomplishment       katuparan 
          administration         pamamahala 
          benefits                  pakinabang 
          billboard                 paskilan 
          discussion               pagtalakay 
          management          pangasiwaan 
          manager                tagapangasiwa 
          permit                    permiso 
          regulation                 palakad

I tried a lot of words (e.g pamahalaan for administration, talakayan for discussion, pahintulot for permit) but they weren't the answer the app was looking for, so I gave up. I thought I'll spare a few brain cells for the QA tasks awaiting my attention. LOL. 

Overall, I enjoyed the game. I suggest you give it a try. (Oh, just pretend you haven't seen anything here :-P)

Jun 18, 2010

Maude's Avenue is A Month Old

How could have I forgotten?! Today, my blog site has been up for 1 month!! Woot woot!

I guess it’s true that when you like what you do, you hardly keep track of time. 30 days have gone by too quickly. In that span of time I have published a number of posts and I know I could’ve put more reflections into writing had I not lost my internet connection.at home. But hey, a dozen isn’t so bad, right? :)

Moving forward, I want to learn more about the wonderful world of blogging. I want to interact with people who have been doing the craft for years. I want to share beautiful blog sites, those whose creators I look up to. I want to discover how to get more people to read my posts because that way, I can do what I love and live up to my ultimate purpose in coming up with a blogsite:

to share my thoughts to the world!

That being said, here’s to a lot more months, a lot more posts and a lot more passers-by in Maude’s Avenue ^_^

Jun 17, 2010

I Miss My Normal Life

Not having power supply at home sucks big time. My daily routine had to change. I had to be away from my family since I am only sleeping at a friend's pad. I miss our little girl. I miss my room. I miss my laptop and our normal internet connection (by normal, I mean not having to append "s" in http just so I could get to check my FB account or use proxies to visit banned sites or blog in HTML mode). In turn, a lot of tasks have have been pending. I haven't blogged about our blissful Tagaytay adventure yet. I haven't blogged about my birthday yet. Friends are waiting for me to upload pictures of our recent get-togethers. Things have been put on hold because of that d*mn transformer.

Gah. I miss my old life. Someone please help me get it back. :|

Jun 15, 2010

A Bunch of Thanks From Me to You

October 2009. My friend's birthday. I greeted her via Facebook and saw a lot of greetings on her wall already. I wondered if FB is still the trend when it's my turn to be greeted.

June 2010. A day after my birthday. I was so busy yesterday that I passed on going online and today upon checking FB, I have 88 notifications! What a pretty sight!

It always feels good seeing that a lot of people remembered you, especially on your special day. So to everyone who took an effort to write birthday greetings on my wall – barkadas, schoolmates, long lost friends, extended family, and those who I least expect to remember – this one's for you. ^_^

Jun 12, 2010

Threat and Consequence

It’s getting more scary every effin’ day.

The transformer that went ablaze last week, the one I’ve talked about in my previous blog, continues to scare the hell out of the neighborhood. It’s fuse exploded two nights in a row, leaving us with no electricity. It’s taking a toll on all of us because we can’t sleep soundly for two reasons:

(1) there is a constant threat of fire;
(2) it’s soooooooo hot

Elders say it was due to overloading as almost all the houses here have airconditioning units installed but the thing is, only a few have legit Meralco power lines. Yeah, you’ve read it right. A number of households in our area use “jumpers” and charge their consumption to other lines. Indeed very unfortunate for us who pay properly :(

If I were the one who has the final say in the family, I would really really have us move into a new house – a bigger, better and safer one. I wish I have the means but I have only been working for less than a year and my salary just won’t suffice. I’ve been trying to talk to Tita Antin (dad’s sister, we’re living with her and granny ever since) about plans of relocating but our problem is Nanay Letty. She just won’t leave the community. She owns our house and the lots in the area and she’s firm in staying there. I guess it would take us forever to convince her.

For the time being, Dad and Tita Antin opted that we stay here in Tita A’s house in Cavite, at least until Meralco is done with whatever resolution they intend to implement.  Staying here is heavenly. Peace and quiet, lots of food, and space are enough reasons for one to love it here. The travel, however, is a real setback. I'm so not used to long travel time since  home is a few minutes away from my workplace but last night I stood in the bus as it traveled from Buendia to Imus. Imagine how tired I was when I got here. *sigh*

Oh well, I hope thing's will get better back home soon. No more power interruptions. No more band-aid solutions. Travel isn't the only issue here. Real lives are on the line.

Jun 8, 2010

My 22nd Birthday Wishes

Less than a week to my 22nd birthday, what's more timely than a wishlist? I have jotted down a lot of stuff in the "Things that I wanna buy soon" section of my datebook and I guess it's about time I make it public (ok, I'm crossing my fingers now, I hope this gets to the right people :))

Some of these are basic everyday stuff. Some are items that I randomly see at the mall and I want it right there. But just the same, it would be really nice to have them as a birthday present! :) So here it is, my wishlist for my 22nd year of existence.. :-P


Ok, I know summer is almost over but I wear slippers to and from the office every freakin' day, so I think it's ok to spend a little more on this. I'm sure I'll have a really chic pair of flip-flops on my birthday because if no one's gonna give me, I'll buy one as a gift to myself. :)

A sturdy 3-fold pink (or black w/ a touch of pink :)) umbrella

The Fibrella I've been using back when I was still in college gave up on me one windy day on the way to work. Thank you so much dear umbrella, you can take your much needed rest now.

A bathroom scale

I've been wanting to watch my weight so I figured a bathroom scale would be really helpful.

A pink Starbucks mug

I spotted one in Starbucks People Support Bldg in Ayala early this year and have I known I wouldn't find it anywhere else, I could've bought it immediately. Yes, I am fast becoming a coffee addict, thanks to Java Chip and San Mig Coffee 3-in-1.

A pink and brown jewelry box from Simple Joys 

Ugh, I can't find a picture of it :( But Simple Joys has a store in SM Manila and Mall of Asia and when you get there, they have a great selection of girly stuff and the jewelry boxes are easy to spot. :)

A laptop sleeve

I am not very particular of the design of the sleeve, as long as it could fit my 15.4' laptop, it'll be fine. I prefer a black one though :)

Anything to put in my cube

Anything cute (or pink) will do but what I really wanted are stuffed letters that spell "MAUDE" and has a magnet so that I could use it to decorate my area. But it'll be a little D-I-Y because I have seen stuffed letters but they dont have magnets, they are more of a keychain I think (I also found them at Simple Joys :)). So if you guys have a kind heart, I'll reeeeeaaaaally appreciate the effort :)

A pretty pair of stud earrings

A silver pair is ideal, and butterfly design is preferred. Although the LO-VE pair above looks good too! :) I'll also love a pair of pearl earrings but please, I don't wear small ones because it'll hardly be seen on me (considering that I'm full-figured ;-P).

A plush pig CP holder

I want a pig, it's very me! Hahaha. Gonna place this in my desk so that my phone won't just lay wherever. If there's no pig, a pink carebear is fine :)

That's all for now. I'm gonna add some more as soon as I remember  my other wishes so that you have options. LOL. Thanks in advance! :-P

Jun 7, 2010

A Motivation on a Lazy Monday

Today is Monday and this is by far the laziest Monday I've ever had. I and my friends have always hated Mondays because it's goodbye to weekend and welcome back to stressful work week. And now I hate it more than ever! So yeah, I just had a 5-day VL (a total of 9 days off work including the 2 weekends) and I’m fresh from our Anniv Getaway in Tagaytay (details to follow soon :)). I still feel vacation-ish when I woke up this morning, and I really had to drag myself out of bed. Good thing I remembered a blog entry on how to fight the “I Hate Mondays” syndrome, something written by a female who has the same hatred for it. Here’s a snippet of the post:

Look great on a Monday
I believe in the mantra, “Look Beautiful, feel beautiful, work beautifully.” I follow it. I live it. It is also a great Monday sickness buster. Wear something new that you bought last weekend to work. Bring that new bag! Show off that new haircut or simply look pretty on Monday. It helps start your week in a beautiful note. It keeps you positive, when you see yourself pretty or good looking. It psyches you up to work hard and show people your gorgeous fresh from the weekend look.  Looking great on a Monday gives you that boost that will last you throughout the week. It helps you start the weekend right. Plus you look fabulous!!

And guess what, I HAVE A NEW BAG!!! :)

The bag that I’ve been using has been with me for a year now and I just can't bid it goodbye because rarely do I find one that could fit in all of my things and doesn't damage its handle. Plus, it magically doesn't look so big. So I want one that could top that, or at least level to that and voila, I got an advance birthday gift from a dear aunt! Thank you so much Tita A! :)

Oh, before I forget, thanks to my beloved bag too. It was a job really well done. ^_^ You may now take your final bow.

Jun 2, 2010


3:48 am

I was awakened by a call from an unknown number. Ringing the first time, I ignored. But my phone rang again so I picked it up. I found out it was my Tita Antin with a bad news: the transformer right beside our house is on fire. I could hear my heart beating fast as I was telling her where my important stuffs are. She told me she was only able to secure my laptop, she isn’t sure if my oh-so-dear camera is with my mom. She said she’ll go back to get my documents and my diploma, and asked me if there is anything else equally important. I wanted her to save the entire contents of my 2nd drawer (because our scrapbook is there), but it’s not among her priorities. Of course I understood, but if I were there it’ll be among the first few things that I’ll carry with me, along with my 2 yearbooks and my debut album and video. Call me crazy but those are things that hold years-worth of memories, things that I cannot replace after the fire is out. Could you imagine my regret because I wasn’t home? :’(

It took us a minute or two to talk about where my credentials are. After she hung up, I hurried to the altar here and I was literally crying out loud as I pray. I was begging Sto. Niño to put the fire out before it reaches any house. I’ve long been a devotee of Him and not once did He let me down. I’ve called on Papa Jesus and Mama Mary as well. Sitting by the stairs I felt so alone but I know the best and only thing I could do is (1) pray; (2) pray harder.

I went back inside the room to check my phone. I sent Hon a couple of SMSs. I also sent my sister, Faye, a message asking her if there’s still a chance someone could go back for my big black scrapbook. I wanted to at least save one. She said she isn’t sure. I didn’t insist, I instead asked her to update me from time to time.

4:02 am

I was talking to my mom. It could be because all my messages to Faye had crying face in them that she felt the need to talk. She assured me that the fire was put out already and they’re just waiting from people from Meralco to check the transformer and its connections. Thank heavens.

4:05 am

I went back to the altar to thank Sto. Niño. I felt a bit calm already, no more tears running down my cheeks. I know I cannot go back to sleep anymore. I wished I brought my laptop with me here because I wanted to blog. Ah, my cell phone would suffice, I thought. So I typed away.

4:56 am

Almost an hour had passed but I still am wide awake. Who can sleep knowing that her family isn’t okay? I am worried about our little princess.

5:51 am

Mom called again. It’s good to hear her able to laugh now. No more fire but no electricity as well. I laughed when she said: “Eto si Haley, nagpapaypay sa sarili nya.” Coolness.

8:00 am

Right now, I’m transferring the blog entry from my CP. This experience is one for the books. It’s really frightening but I guess we always learn from what we go through. Note to self #1: Pick up the phone in the middle of the night, even if it’s an unknown number. Note to self #2: Prayers work wonders. Thank you Lord for keeping my family safe (oh, and our scrapbook too ;-))

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