May 18, 2010

Today I'm Out

I have read a number of nice blogs in the past and I have long been wanting to put up my very own blog site. I figured I would write about everyday joys, random realizations, and little thoughts on life and love. But since the moment I knew that I wanted a blog site, one question remained: What would its title be? 

I have spent a lot of lull periods in the office and a few not-yet-sleepy nights thinking about this. And now, finally, I am officially launching Maude’s Avenue of Thoughts.


A brief background

Growing up, I wanted to be an Engineer. But I know deep down inside, I have a passion for writing. I used to write for my grade school and high school publication but as I ventured into fulfilling my dream of being a Computer Engineer, I set the mighty pen aside, and in the process lost confidence in the writer in me. My social circle believes in me, but the tragic part is I don’t believe in my own capabilities. Whenever I get the chance I read posts of friends and acquaintances and I get envious. They are not as good writers back then but the way they express themselves now only leaves me amazed, and at the same time wondering, “Why can’t I do that too?"

I remember an instance when I was asked to write an article for the company newsletter. It may be a really simple piece, but there’s that indescribable feeling as I was doing it. I haven’t kept track of time. I didn’t even notice I have written more than the number of words required, and I was able to finish it in no time. Needless to say, I am happy when I write. Maybe because when I write, I am myself.

So here I am, taking baby steps to being myself again :) 


A peek at the future

I am only starting my career as an IT professional, I know. There’s still a lot in store for me in my chosen field of endeavor. I am an Associate now, and it is of course every career woman’s dream to go up the corporate ladder (Managing Consultant sounds good :) ). But one day, perhaps 20 years from now, I would want to just leave the technical stuff behind. The world will not stop evolving, and the technology advancing. One day I would get tired of keeping up with the fast-paced world of IT. One day I would have more important roles to fulfill – a supportive wife to my husband, a loving mom to my kids. One day, I would want to be my own boss and put up the business that I’ve always wanted to have. 

Bigger dreams, bigger responsibilities. But I’ll tell you what, one day I would just want to stay in a corner, slow down, sit back and write from the heart. :)

Last but not the least, today

Today I am posting my first blog entry. Today I am starting to share my life to the world. I’ll write about my adventures and misadventures, my reflections and aspirations. I’ll write about the people that matter to me, and how they make me feel. I’ll write about how I see the world, and how everyday experiences shape me to become the person I am destined to be.

Today, I’m out in the open, and I know I’ll enjoy every minute of it.

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