May 31, 2010

So Many Things to Do, So Little Time

Work used to be super stressful when I was still in my previous project. Back then, each day is a combination of headaches and good times because I deal with batch programs (and its superhuman developer) and a lot of database records but the people I work with are so warm I treated them family. And as the project ended, I immediately filed a long VL to unwind and give myself a break that I think I well deserve.

The original plan for this vacation is that I will be spending a week or so in Roxas City where Mom’s relatives live. I got ecstatic because based on my younger sisters’ kwento (yes, they have already been to the province :( ), they had a great time there, and Boracay being 2 hours away is a bonus. But sometimes, despite all the plans and preparations and all the anticipation, the unexpected happens. What should have been my first out-of-Luzon trip was cancelled because the relatives we’ll be staying with there are the ones coming here to Manila. *heavy sigh*
Of course, instead of crying over a flight that’s already booked (yeah, non-refundable. Ouch.), I thought I might as well use the vacation leave that I have filed. Being a self-confessed home body, I know I’ll still enjoy this time-off because indoors, I have lots of stuff to devote my time to :) 
Here’s what I plan to do in the few days that I will not be working:

UPDATE OUR SCRAPBOOK. This one is a top priority. For those who don’t know yet, I have been scrapbooking for almost 5 years now. I was successfully able to compile keepsakes from all (and I mean ALL) the dates Jhay and I had. And I guess now’s the best time to make it up-to-date. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. :)
BLOG. BLOG. BLOG. This month I have started writing again, and as expected, I am so loving it ^_^ I get to share what’s running in my head and what my heart beats for. I get to chronicle day-outs and getaways and reminisce whenever I need a happy pill. I get some sense of pride and accomplishment whenever friends appreciate my craft. Blogging is all good, so this coming week, I will be publishing posts every now and then, and hopefully I will be able to customize the site more. Albeit difficult, I also plan to read about SEO because it is any blogger’s desire to be in the first page of search results, if not the first item.
TIDY MY ROOM. My room’s a mess already. Tita’s been nagging for quite some time now about the clutter that I seem to be maintaining in my little niche. So hopefully, I could put it back to order and get rid of the things that only make it more crowded. 
SPEND MORE TIME WITH HALEY. Our bunso gets more and more adorable each day so I want to spend some quality time. She now knows how to pose in the camera, and I so enjoy taking pictures of her! ^_^ Plus, she’s a great storyteller! How I miss her.. :(
ENJOY THE FIRST WEEKEND OF JUNE WITH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. Come hell or high water, we’ll pursue our getaway on the 5th and 6th in Tagaytay. This is the first time that we are going the extra mile to make our Anniversary more special and this is also the first out-of-town trip that it’s just the two of us! I can hardly wait! ^_^

Here’s the not-so-good news: I am not home. I am here at my tita’s house in Cavite and I haven’t done anything in my list yet :(. But I’m having some “me time” here and for me, that’s still vacation-ish. LOL. I’ll be back home on Wednesday and hopefully, I could do items 1 and 3 in two days, and do item 4 in between. Item 2 is out of the question because I can blog wherever :). And item 5? Dang, I am so excited!

Join me in praying that I get to accomplish my to-do list. Looks like I need divine intervention. Haha. In the meantime, I’m out as I need to pay some respect to Pork Sinigang waiting in the table, and some Cadbury after! Now that’s what you call vacation!! ^_^


  1. try q nga magcomment.. haha.. item #1, " I’m keeping my fingers crossed. :)", ano'ng ikinakacross ng fingers mu te? hahahaha.. :)

  2. na ma-update ko yung scrapbook.. kasi kasi goodluck talaga kung matapos ko yun.. hahaha

  3. i love being with you always and forever.

  4. hey babe.. that's sweet.. ^_^ same here..


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