May 21, 2010

On Beautiful Wedding Photos

Before I know it, I have already spent more than 2 4 hours of today looking at Wedding Pictures in Mimi and Karl Photography website. I've been dreaming of hiring a different wedding photographer until I stumbled upon their site yesterday. God, their shots are reaaaaaaally good! And it was evident in the behind-the-scene pictures that the couple and their team of photographers are having fun at work. Not only workmates, they are friends too. That could be the reason why their shots turn out to be super amazing.

I added Mimi and Karl to my "dream wedding" list. Looking at their network of friends and whose weddings they have covered, I assume their service is really pricey. But a girl can dream, right? :)

A part of my "Dream Wedding" list, written in my handy-dandy Cosmo planner.

Click here and see the photos for yourself. Makes me wanna get married right away. ^_^

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