May 19, 2010

I So Love Surprise Lunch-outs

What I love about my work is that time is flexible. Today, I got in a little late because I went to the grocery with my mom for my sister’s mini birthday bash later. I and Mom are still in the grocery when my phone’s battery went out, and I didn’t worry much because work is just 5 minutes away and I can immediately charge upon coming in.

Quarter past 12 noon I reached the office. I turned on my PC, opened my email, logged in my Meebo account and totally forgot that I need to charge my cell phone battery. I was busy reading mails and checking Facebook notifications when a friend popped me messages:

           “lunch out daw kau ni jhay!”
           “open mo daw cp mo”

I immediately looked for my charger and plugged the phone in. I turned it on and found quite a number of messages from Jhay (my beau, by the way), latest says he’s on his way to my workplace. I hurriedly put on some loose powder then checked in my desk mirror if I look okay. In less than a month, we’re turning 5 years but the thought of being with him still makes my heart beat faster. We’ve already had countless lunch outs but I still get that same crazy feeling when he comes over when I least expect it.

Who cares if it’s just Jollibee?
Where he is is still the perfect place to be. :)

P.S. Special thanks to Nhix for helping him out :)

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