May 29, 2010


There’s no better way to cap the week off and jumpstart a 9-day vacay (yeah baby, 9 days!) than going out with girlfriends and indulging in a feel-good movie. Oh don’t feel bad hon, you’re reserved for the finale  :-P


As I was browsing my best friend’s photo album in FB last Wednesday, I saw a picture of her and her beau eating at a Japanese resto, and from that moment on I was craving for Tonkatsu. I called Jhay to invite him for lunch or dinner that same day but work was toxic. I emailed the Isda Girls too but they already have other plans. But I was persistent, so last night we ate our hearts out at Karate Kid Waltermart.

FANTASTIC FOUR: Noreen, Nhix, Jaq, Me!

My craving was satisfied. Yay! ^_^

Oh no, I wanted more. But that's Noreen's food already. Penge Noreen.. :)

The tonkatsu never failed me. It was just the way I wanted it – crunchy yet tender on the inside. Jaq and Nhix enjoyed their Chicken Teppanyaki as well. Where’s Noreen you say? She’s still in transit because their meeting ended at 8pm. Spell workaholic.

I told them early on that I will be going home after dinner. They still wanted to watch Here Comes the Bride but I refused as it wasn’t part of my budget. But we aren’t friends for nothing, right? They are equally persistent, and they won’t take no for an answer.

In a few minutes, we are inside the theater. Waltermart isn’t as big as MOA or as classy as Rockwell and Serendra, but hey the movie house isn’t so bad. In fact, we enjoyed it because it’s the same viewing experience sans the crowd and the high cost.

And the movie? To say that it is hilarious is an understatement. We were literally laughing our asses off the whole time. Angelica Panganiban (Steph), Eugene Domingo (Ninang Precy), Tuesday Vargas (yaya), John Lapus (Toffee) and Jaime Fabregas (Lolo Bien) did a great job. Likewise, the storyline is good, not your ordinary comedy flick. But I wonder, does the solar eclipse and magnetic field phenomenon have scientific basis???

Here are more personal comments on the film:
  • The five cars that crashed at the beginning were all “sayang.” :(
  • Virgin Beach Resort, the movie’s setting, was sooooooooooo picturesque we’ve decided we’ll go there next summer (and try if the car will really move forward when put to neutral even if the engine is off)
  • I wish I have a granny as affluent as Lolo Bien to finance my dream wedding *sigh* PhP 200,000 for the cake alone?! Watda..
  • Steph’s original wedding gown is horrible. And yes, I am mean on that part. Hahaha.
  • It was hard to believe that Harold (the groom) can turn someone as sexy as Angelica down when she already wanted to do the deed. The “Let’s wait till our marriage” idea seem a passé nowadays.
  • Angelica is so versatile she pulled off both the finesse bride and the fierce gay.
  • The scenes of John Lapus and “Mariz” would really make one throw up. No exaggerations here. Friendly advice: Keep your eyes shut when it’s their turn to shine (or not :-P).
  • Very quickly, Eugene has emerged as one of the best comediennes of the country. All her antics hit the mark! ^_^
  • Eugene is blessed to have kissed a lot of yummy guys already. Rawr.
  • Tuesday’s role is forgettable (I didn't even know her name in the movie is Medelyn until I googled it). But she played “Ninang Precy” very well.
  • The characters are very distinct that one line is enough to know who the soul is inside a certain body, especially during the last part when their identities are all mixed up. *Applause* 
    Warning: Don’t watch it with your boyfriend because Tom Whatever-his-lastname-is is scorching hot your BF might get jealous and walk out while you are still drooling.

    Walking out of the cinema, we were still laughing so hard. It’s always fun to laugh like no one else is around, knowing that you have your equally crazy friends to back you up.

    On the jeepney ride going home, we thought about this:

    "If we had to switch souls with another isda girl,
    who would we wanna be?"

    It was unanimous, no one liked the idea. LOL.

    I got home half past eleven and as I entered the house, my younger sister said,

    “Ate bakit ngayon ka lang???”

    Aba, tinawag pa akong ate.


    Overall, it was one hell of a Friday. Thanks Jaq, and thanks Nhix (on Noreen’s behalf). It was a portion of your 14th month pay very well spent. :)

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