Dec 31, 2010

Haley's Birthday Bash

*this has been sitting in my drafts for more than a month. i made it a point to finish it today because tomorrow would be too late (literally! hahaha)*

Whenever I'm in front of the laptop, Haley would show up beside me saying "san betdey ko Ate Em?". It's her way of telling me to play a video clip of her second birthday party for the nth time. I get pissed sometimes but when I see her scream out of happiness watching it, the irritation vanishes into thin air and is replaced by that overwhelming feeling of joy and pride that I was able to give her the celebration that she wants. Call me stage sister but I wouldn't exchange that moment for the world ^_^

Now allow me to share how it turned out :)

The original plan for her 2nd birthday is to just celebrate it at home: mom and titas would cook food, kids from the neighborhood would come over for some games and loots -- mostly DIY stuff. But since the little girl, whenever asked where her party will be, says it's gonna be at Jollibee, I made both ends meet to give it to her. And I am so glad I did! Here's why:

I'm working on a limited budget so I chose to have a small affair, with only family and close friends invited. Funny because there were more adults than kiddos! And since we're not a fan of moving birthdays to a different date and most of the guests have day jobs and her Ates have school, it was set for dinner. Not your average children's party, eh?


There were only a handful of kids, most of them between 2 and 5 years, that's why they enjoyed every single part of it! Unlike other parties where they are outnumbered by their ates and kuyas, this time they're the stars of the show. They joined the games, won a lot of prizes and had a jolly good time.

 Obedient little girl.
They we're asked to close their eyes while the hosts hid their shoes for the game.

Of course the adults had fun too! They even made fun of me in this game called Maximum to Minimum. It was a team game wherein members have to arrange themselves based on different criteria. For example, the host says "Maximum to minimum - arrange yourselves according to age", it's going to be oldest to youngest. My team was leading, 2-0, and during the third round the instruction is minimum to maximum according to face value. I got a big ego so yeah, I insisted I should be at the back of the line. Guess what, we lost! Meanwhile on the fourth round, it was max to min based on waist line and all of them was shouting that I should be in front! I hate them to the bones! Hahaha. But we won, so it's all good. :)

This is what I look like while everyone's laughing at me.
You nasty people! Hahaha.


Haley was having the time of her life running around, posing for pictures, joining her little friends in the games until her special guest came...

Yeah, she's scared of Jollibee! We asked her everyday for weeks before her big day and she consistently said she won't be afraid anymore but there she was, trembling and holding on tight to whoever carries her whenever the mascot is near. Hahahaha. But in fairness, she handled her fear pretty well because she still managed to smile for group pictures.


And then came the obligatory candle blowing, which she didn't enjoy much on the spot because she's still conscious about Jollibee being at her back. Good thing I had the presence of mind (despite being the busy bee) that I was able to capture it in video. Now she relives her moment every single day and she has the same excitement as the first time she saw it. Mind you, it's on repeat pa!


Afterwards she opened a few gifts. She actually got Nonong Jhay's presents (a Jollibee stuffed toy and a bracelet) the moment she woke up. She loved the toy so much that she carried it around the entire day and it's very thoughtful of her two friends to give her Twirlie and Hetty during her party. Now Jollibee has playmates and Haley couldn't be happier!

In a few minutes it was time for wrap up. We conveyed our birthday wishes for Haley then said our thank yous to everyone who came. It was indeed a small party but Haley's memories of it was greater than we've ever imagined.

Dec 30, 2010

I Won! I Won!

When it rains, it pours -- true enough :) I just got a call from my friend Noreen telling me that I won Animetric World's Close-up Giveaway, and more!

Screen cap from Animetric's blog ^_^

Here are the items from the beauty loot (they're plenty!):

          3 Closeup White Now
          3 Cover Girl Lipstick
          3 Pond's Facial Powder
          1 e.l.f. Blush on Duo
          1 VS Hair brush
          1 Elite Duo Compact Mirror
          1 e.l.f. Eye Shadow Kit
          1 Active Travel Toothbrush
          1 The Face Shop Blotting Paper
          1 Bag
          1 Michelle Phan signed item (either makeup brushes, Lancome products,                     or IQQU products)

    Up to the last few days of the year, God's giving me more reasons to love 2010! Thank you so much Ms. Rowena and Close-Up White Now for the prize! Not to make sipsip ah, but I'm really using the product *wink*

    Here's hoping that 2011 gives as much luck! :)

    Dec 28, 2010

    A Christmas Giveaway from Tisha

    So yeah, my DSL had the poorest timing as it seemingly went on a VL this holiday season. I was forced to turn my back on my online life because of it and the product? Lots and lots of backlog and very little time left to make up for them (Christmas break would soon be over T_T). So while I'm working on the kwentos, let me share this contest first, a giveaway from Tisha of Here, Tishie Tishie :D

    All those are up for grabs so if you wanna take chances, get the contest details here ^_^

    Goodluck, ladies! And oh, a belated Christmas greetings to one and all! :-)

    Dec 21, 2010

    It's in my Hands

    The new 20-peso bill that is! ^_^

    I don't know why but I jumped at the sight of the crisp (albeit a little fancy-looking) bill! Maybe because I feel like I'm one of the first few to have it (or not? :P) And it's pretty kaya! Well, at least better looking than the old one. It showcases more of our natural wonders, too! If you haven't seen the entire set of new bank notes, you can check them out here where I saw them first :)

    Special thanks to my cubemate (if there is such a term) whose boyfriend's mom works in Bangko Sentral, for being so kind to let me keep it. You made my day, Sarah dear! ^_^ 

    Update (March 2011): I have the complete set already! :D

    My favorite is the 500-peso bill. Cory and Ninoy look so happy :D
    Click the image for a hi-res version.

    Dec 17, 2010

    Tomorrow, Tomorrow (I ____ you Tomorrow)!

    I have very few posts in the past two weeks because a lot of things are going on in my life right now. I've been barking coughing for the longest time, feeling so sick so I just go straight to bed upon getting home from work. My weekends were spent attending Christmas parties and my spare time I spent shopping. You see I really have no time to blog but every time something big happens, I make it a point to share it here. Just like now. No, I mean tomorrow.

    Tomorrow, God-willing, is a big day for me and Jhay. It's actually something that I've long wanted and now that it's here, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach fluttering non-stop. I might not even be able to sleep tonight. Excited, scared, anticipating, I can't tell the difference anymore.

    Okay, if it turns out fine, I'll post it here (I promise, I'll fill in the blank in the title ^_^). Otherwise, I just might forget it happened. Haha.

    Wish me well, guys. May the Force be with me.

    Dec 11, 2010

    12.11.10 is my Lucky Day!

    I know I've been on blogging hiatus (again!) for 2 weeks and haven't even explained why I'm gone but I am just so happy that I felt the need to blog!

    Even before publishing my Christmas wishlist, I was able to tick an item off the list!

    Photo courtesy here

    Yes friends, call me lucky because I won an iPod Touch 32gb in the office Christmas Party raffle! :)

    A shot right after I got back from the stage to get my voucher.
    Will be claiming the item on Monday at the office :-)

    Since I was a kid, I have this luck in raffle draws but this by far is the best prize that I've gotten. I remember getting something as cheap as a glass set in Grade 1, a backpack in college, a 500php-worth Ayale eGC in my team's party last week, and now a gadget that I've been wanting to have!

    Thank heavens for this blessing (and Mom and Haley and Jhay who I made kulit to pray that I win :P) and thanks to Headstrong too! Now I can say Merry Christmas! :)

    Nov 27, 2010

    She's a Revelation

    I have always been mentioning that there are 6 of us girls in the family. I've already made a post or two about my 2 teenage sisters. I've also written about my 4th grader sibling, Junie once. Our bunso, Haley, is a regular feature of my blog that she even has her own label. One girl, however, seems to be MIA but now's her time to shine! :)

    Friends, please join me in congratulating Micah as she bagged the 1st place in the Regional Young Writers' Confererence and Contest - Newswriting Category!

    She bested out contenders from the National Capital Region and even though I can't believe it at first, I am just so proud of her achievement. She used to be belittled by many because all 3 of us (Faye, Choy and myself) were grade school valedictorians but this time she's showing the world what she got! In fact, she'll be traveling to Butuan early next year for the Nationals. Keep up the good job, sis! Make the family even more proud!

    (Side note: A few months back, I challenged her that if she makes it to the Top 5 of her class, a Dampa feast is on me on her Graduation Day. I said that because I thought that it's impossible. Looks like I have to get my moolah ready! Hahahaha.)

    Nov 25, 2010

    Thanksgiving! :-)

    I originally wanted to put "Congratulate Me" in the title but since it's Thanksgiving today (yeah, it's only in the US but what the heck, haha), I thought I might as well give thanks *wink* myspace graphic comments

    First off, thank God because Haley had a blast in her 2nd birthday party! Thanks to everyone who came, and for the prettiest gifts! The story about the celebration is for another post :)

    And then here's the main kwento...

    Since we had a dinner party last night, we got home around 10 already. And even if all of us are tired, we still had to do some post-celeb stuff so it's already 1AM when I hit the sack. I woke up half past 9 and I was dragging myself out of the bed. I actually want to take a sick leave then doze off but SLs are convertible so I dismissed the idea *evil laugh*. Needless to say, I got up and went out of my room to start prepping myself.

    When I got to the living room, I found Haley being the bibo kid again, add the fact that she's still not over her birthday. She was checking out her dress and new toys and telling everyone snippets of her party. Just imagine how much I want to stay so I could hang out with her. Then I turned the laptop on and we viewed the pictures and video from last night and there she was, like a commentator dropping side comments for each picture in the entire slideshow! *Sigh* I could spend an entire day chit-chatting with Haley and never get tired ^_^

    Afterwards, I did my morning ritual. Check my Gmail, visit my blog then hop to my favorite blogs, and most importantly (because I can't do it in the office), log on to Facebook. I spent another 30 minutes online before I was able to convince myself to go take a bath.

    It was already 12:30 when I was officially good to go. Still pep-talking myself, I headed to the bus station. Inside the bus, I suddenly remembered that there's a Thanksgiving Sale today at SM Makati, and again I thought of ditching work and going straight to Ayala Center to take advantage of the sale. The fare that I paid for will suffice anyway.

    Think... *bus goes past Filmore St.*

    think... *crosses Osmena Highway*

    think... *takes a few passengers in Mayapis*

    To work or not to work? *passes by Washington*

    Think some more... *halts by the stop light at Chino Roces Ave.*

    Ending: The good girl in me prevailed. I got off at Export Bank Plaza and badged in at 1:15PM. Thank God for giving me enough discipline and self-control today :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! And oh, I deserve a congratulations, don't I? :)

    Nov 24, 2010

    She's Two!

    Happy birthday to my charming daughter, errr, baby sister

     She's wearing a mini version of her ates' uniform because she's envious.
    And then she takes her Dora bag and asks Dad to bring her to school.
    Yeah, she's bibo like that! ^_^

    Here's to more years of waking me up in the morning saying "Opis ka na, Ate Em", and waiting for me to get home asking for "Obong" (pasalubong, that is), lots of smooches throughout the day and warm hugs that make everything okay.

    God bless you Haley dear. Ate Em and Nonong Jhay love you so big! ^_^

    Brownies are ♥

    Yesterday Honey and I went to Glorietta for a quick lunch date and we happen to pass by a Brownies Unlimited stall. I admit I was impelled to try it just because of the raffle. I mean, who wouldn't want 100 Boxes of Brownies for Christmas, right?

    It's the perfect giveaway this season! :)
    Photo taken from their official site.

    And then I took the first bite. It was sooooooo yummy I found myself savoring the chocolate-y goodness with eyes closed. Hahahaha. No, really, what I liked about it is that it's moist and sweet just enough to keep you craving another piece. I actually wanted to consume the 6-pak in one sitting but I'm glad I didn't because when I ate another one today, I knew I had to blog about it. 

    You guys should try Brownies Unlimited for yourself! And if ever you win, don't forget my share, ha? :)

    Nov 19, 2010

    This Made Me Happy

    It was a tough day in the office, so tough that I was crying in front my PC. Hahahaha. Yeah, I felt like a fool afterwards. I don't wanna share anymore why I cried but I wanna share something that helped me feel good...^_^


    I know I have already shared the story about these pictures here but the soft copies I have only remembered to download a while ago. I love the big frame in the second picture and the top frame in the last one. How about you, what do you think is our best shot? :)

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