Jul 2, 2015

Maddie Moments: Her First Month

Being the crybaby that Maddie is, the succeeding days were still full of crying and in effect, sleepless nights but by the time she turned a month old, we were pretty much getting the hang of it. The key is indulging her in about half an hour of swaying while humming "My Nipa Hut" (yes, there is an English version of Bahay Kubo!) and then ever so carefully laying her down and quickly latching her on. 

Her 1st Month Portrait

We had a bit of a struggle since matakaw sya sa milk so she has the tendency to feed even when she's already full. The ending is Maddie throwing up and Mommy panicking >_< It's really good that I had Mamita around because she would always know what to do. I was starting to get a little paranoid about it so I did a little research and learned that it's normal since the baby's digestive system is still developing. She also outgrew that phase after a couple of months :)

Maddie loving the company of Mamita and Aunt Haley.

Maddie can see us and the things around her already so her eyes would follow moving objects around the room. She started to make small responses to the sounds that she hears, too.

At 1 month, Maddie also loves to be carried all the time. People would always tell me, "wag sanayin sa karga, ikaw din mahihirapan" but I really didn't mind because I thought I won't get to carry her in my arms forever so enjoy it while it lasts. Especially now that she's already big and she's living far from us, i really really miss those days.

That, my friends, is how a tired yet happy first-time mom looks like :)
The eyebags, omg! Hahaha.

Now back to her first month birthday... To celebrate, we had a small feast at home. We invited some of her SG Ninongs and Ninangs over to join the fun.

I went a little overboard with the food. Check out in the next photos how many guests we had. Sorry, excited lang! :)

Maddie's Ninong Mike, Ninong Wendyll and Ninang Sara. These 3 were my officemates and housemates the past years.

And now, with our current housemates.

Three cheers for Maddie's first milestone!
Happy 1st Month Birthday, little one! :)

Jun 27, 2015

Maddie Moments: Her Birth and the First Few Weeks

Mommies have an insatiable desire to document their child's development, especially the first year of life when most of the "firsts" and important milestones happen. Hence this series I will call Maddie Moments :) It's quite a job trying to go back and recall the happenings from 1 year ago but I'll still do it because one day, I know I will visit this blog and be thankful that I took the time.

Here goes...

For someone who works overseas, I consider myself fortunate to have been with my daughter for 6 months. Some parents had to leave their children as soon as they have recovered but me, I got the chance to be with her for half a year. So even if it's not the most ideal set up, I am thankful. I have to say it was really challenging being a new mom but hey, it was also the happiest I've been in my life!

So friends, please allow me to share with you some of my treasured moments with our pride and joy, Maddie =)

February 13, 2014, Thursday, 5:50pm
Raffles Hospital, Singapore

After 12 hours of induced labor including those few minutes (but felt like forever) of administering the epidural, we said hello to Jayanne Madison, a cheeky princess who changed our life in every way possible. She weighed 3.23 kilograms and is 50 centimeters long at birth. My first impression? She looked so much like Daddy!

What her name means
Jayanne is a a combination of her dad's name ("Jhay" but I opted to remove the h) and that of Saint Anne, the patron of the church where we regularly attend mass here in Singapore. I've been praying to Saint Anne for her good health and safe delivery throughout the 9 months and she granted my request. On the other hand, Madison means "child of Maud" so tell me, what could be more fitting than that? :)

We had the privilege of taking our first family picture on Valentine's Day 2014. What a precious day of hearts for our little family! =)

And here's Aunt Haley... she's okay about not being the bunso anymore. She's in fact excited to have a new playmate! =)

One thing that I liked about the Women's Center in Raffles Hospital is that they have this hands-on experience for daddies on how to give newborns a bath. They said that caring for the baby isn't always the mommy's job. Daddy has to have the basic know-how too! So there's J trying to conceal the nerves with a smile.

The nurse giving Daddy a hand. Maddie is already crying her lungs out at this point so you could see that Jhay is getting really tensed. Good thing the nurse was very helpful throughout the session -- she explained the process and also demonstrated the right way to do it. She's Filipina, by the way, so she was extra nice to us :)

That's the winning smile! :D Good job on your first challenge, Daddy! More to come!

The day we brought her home
On February 16, after a 4D3N stay (parang bakasyon lang! haha), we were discharged from the hospital. Some photo ops before we left...

The first-time grandma! And she doesn't want to be called Lola ha, it's for the oldies daw.
Hence, she is Maddie's "Mamita".

Out into the world you go, little one!
Fear not because Mommy and Daddy are here for you. Always =)

Welcome to your Singapore home, Anak!!!

The first night
The whole idea of Jhay and I having our very own baby girl still felt surreal until this very first night. It was the moment all new parents dread -- Maddie crying and crying and not wanting to stop! We did everything to soothe her but to no avail. We tried all possible breastfeeding positions but she won't even latch. We were all at wit's end but after so many tries and calling all the angels and saints, she started to feed. It was a glorious Mommy moment! Thank God for a husband and a mom who supported me all the way!

Note: No photos here because we were too tired and too stressed to even think about getting a camera! T_T

The following days
Slowly, the next days got a little bit better. We enjoyed watching her every move and loved her a lot more! And true to my first impression of her, as I kept posting photos on my social media accounts, more and more people were telling me that she takes after her Daddy. I was trying to argue at first but inch by inch I was convinced that the only thing she got from me was her eyes. The rest were from her Daddy!

Her first bath at home.

Off to her first check-up!

Her eyes and skin are still a bit yellow here due to jaundice but the pedia said it's normal for newborns. It went away after a couple of weeks with regular exposure to Mr. Sun :)

 I could stare at this forever.

 Her first time to meet Jollibee! This is after one of her pedia days. The hospital is near the only Jollibee store in Singapore kasi.  :D #para-paraan

 Cutiepie in her very first onesie! ^_^

 Oh my, she is growing up too fast!

Trying out her first ride :)

 Hurrah for milk time!

 We love you too, Anak. More than you will ever know.

 With my ob-gyne, Dr. Tony Tan. At first I was reluctant to have a male OB but as I was contemplating on switching doctors, I thought of googling his name and found out that he is the president of the OB-Gyn Society of Singapore! How cool is that? And yes, he lived up to that title. He's really good! If you are pregnant and staying in Singapore, I highly recommend Dr. Tan :)

Thank you, God, for the two greatest loves of my life.

 Hello, virtual friends of Mommy! Glad to meet you! :) 

And that, friends, is Maddie's first few weeks of life. Thank you for bearing with me as I take a trip down memory lane. There's more to come! Hope you stick around! :)


Mar 29, 2015

A Letter to my Darling Madison on Her First Birthday

Note: Everyday I tell myself that I want to make peace with my blogging self but I just have too much in my hands that I can't even open my blogger account to write a decent post. So during my 3-hour flight back to Manila on my daughter's (yes, I have a daughter now!) 1st birthday, I took out a pen and paper and wrote away. I just thought I want to share it with you :)

My Dearest Madison,

Today, you turn one. And while I still find it surreal that it has been a year since that faithful day, I thank the Lord endlessly for the indescribable joy your arrival has brought into our lives. I have always thought that moms get overly emotional when talking about their daughters in their blogs but today I understand where those beautiful words are coming from. You fill my heart, my darling Maddie. You fill it with so much love that I have never ever thought a person could possibly have for another.

You see, the day we first met was the day my and Daddy’s lives changed forever. In the beginning it was just that feeling of being on Cloud 9 – you know… staring at your sweet little face and not getting tired, seeing you smile as if you can comprehend all the happiness going on in the room, capturing photos of you looking back at the camera, staring at you some more not being able to believe that you actually came from me. How in the world did someone so adorable come out from the silly, immature, carefree (not to mention, unhealthy) me? Like, how is that even possible?

But then again, you were entrusted to us by God for a reason – to make our already beautiful life even more amazing. Sure there were really tough times like the zombie nights trying to make the crybaby you sleep, the breastfeeding woes, the days Mamita had to go back to the Philippines for immigration reasons and it was just you and me while Daddy is at work, and the most difficult moment of all when we had to leave you in Manila. It was probably one of my most emotionally challenging moments (second only to Grandad’s passing) but you know what, baby, we found solace in knowing that that is only temporary and that that little sacrifice equates to giving you the best future – the one that you deserve =)

So today my little love, as I sit on the plane imagining holding you in my arms already, I whisper to God, like I always do, to bless you every day of your life. To keep you safe, keep you healthy and help you become a good Christian. I also pray for your happiness, anak. Ever since you were a baby, you have that contagious smile – the kind that when people see, they can’t help but smile too. May you always have that smile on you as you grow, because that keeps Mommy and Daddy going. We used to live for each other, Anak, but we live for you now. Everyday we wake up thinking that we’re one day closer to being with you for good We look forward to being there on your next milestones, to running after you (though Mommy really can’t run) and playing house with you, to teaching you how to make little dreams and helping you chase them. Life is an amazing ride, my dear, and please know that Mommy and Daddy are here with you as you enjoy all the beautiful things God has in store for our family.

For the mean time, please enjoy your Minnie Mouse party and the company of family and closest friends.

Happy, happy 1st Birthday, Darling. We love you oh so dearly.


Jul 6, 2013

And I Said I Do!

Yes friends, I am a missus now! :)

We had a civil wedding ceremony last June 4th, coinciding with our 8th Anniversary as boyfriend-girlfriend. The number 8 has always been synonymous to infinity - something that never ends - so we figured it's the perfect time for us to finally tie the knot. And as most of you may not know, Jhay and I started out only as textmates in a group messaging circle called Infinity Clan. Nice no? ;-)

And if you're wondering why we suddenly got hitched... for the record, I am not pregnant! Mukha lang, pero hindi! Hahaha. I dunno -- It's just one random night over Skype that we decided we are taking the plunge. There was no formal proposal, because he pops the question all the time. We just felt that we wanted to settle down already. To begin a life together. And to finally be called man and wife :)

I guess this line from When Harry Met Sally says it all:
"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody,
you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

All the preparations were last minute. We finalized our marriage license only 4 days before the event. We bought our rings the next morning, and scoured the mall for our outfits the day after. We booked the solemnizing officer a day prior. But despite the rush, I am happy that it still turned out lovely and intimate as we wanted it to be.

Here are some of the wedding details:

Our DIY Wedding Invite :D
The first page showcases our photos through the years.

We commissioned a photographer friend, Keanne, to capture the moment, and as expected she did a great job! Raw pa yan ha... :)

Let me show you some of the best shots from the event. Warning: Medyo madami ;)

My Groom :)


Pre-nuptial photos, literally! lol

Can I just say that I soooo love this candid shot?

Aaaaand we're man and wife!

Our witnesses - people who have really been there for us eversince.

My Family... Ang gaganda ng sisters ko, muntik na akong kabog-in! (Yes, "muntik" lang :P)

Jhay's family

With our parents... Syempre kasama si dad :)

When we we're officially welcomed as Mr. and Mrs. Hipolito

My mom's message... As expected, she made all of us cry... It was hard not having dad with us anymore on this very special day but I know he is happy for me and Jhay. That I am sure because he gave us his blessing when I dreamt of him once :')

Hon's parents giving us words of wisdom. Bilin ng dad nya never to go to sleep with an argument unsettled. And his mom? Ang gusto lang daw nya ay babaeng apo! Haha!

Haley saying grace :')

Chow time!

Some more candid shots! I luurv!

Us while watching the AVP that my girlfriends prepared.

He just had to be part of my wedding :')

And now with family and closest friends...

Jhay's side

My side of the family #1

My side of the family #2 (hehe.. 2 talaga ang akin eh no :P)

And of course, our dearest friends.
My girlfriends, they were the ones who have truly seen our love blossomed.
(top right) Mike, the only representative of our SG family. Thank you Mike for sneaking out of the office for this. Hehe
(bottom left) Nikka, my trusty HMUA. Never fails to make me even more beautiful (ehem!)

You see, way before we were sure about each other, Jaq was sure she wanted to do a speech on our wedding day. Wish granted! :D
(bottom left) Jhay's older brother telling me to come to him pag inaway ako ng kapatid nya... and he'll throw him out the window. Hahaha!

The ceremonial cutting of the cake and toast

And have I told you that it was also my momma's birthday that day? Triple celebration! :)

So there you have it! The end of our pa-tweetums stage and the beginning of a lifetime commitment to love, loyalty and marital bliss.

To infinity and beyond! 

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